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SOM K-2 Black Series

Product details : Condenser microphone with power supply and built-in pre-mic (power supply 9 volts) that can directing connect with other devices. It can be connected directly to the computer or connected via SOM Analog SIM. Moreover, feature of this model is the capability to record any VDO clip by directing connects to your smart phone. It can receive a wide range of frequency and high mass of wave. K-2 is suitable for making demo music or VDO clip.

Characteristics of Smart Microphone Condenser K-2 :

  • 100% Aluminium shield
  • Large diaphragm condenser
  • Anti-DC Feedback current
  • High gain/high output impedance
  • Boot current, 9 volt battery
  • Transformerless
  • SOM Analog SIM (Direct monitoring)
  • Best quality of sound wave

SOM Smart Microphone Condenser K-2 1 set composed of :

    1. Microphone (Smart Microphone Condenser K-2)
    2. Jack converter for smart phone
    3. Screwdriver
    4. Shockproof microphone holder
    5. CD manual and driver
    6. SOM Analog SIM
    7. Jack converter for recording guitar, bass guitar and keyboard to analog sim

Better price & Longer warranty! SOM K-2: 180$ (delivery in Thailand by DHL) with 1 year warranty.
In case of claim product, free 1 time of shipping fee for sending back a new product to you, while shipping fee for sending it to us and all shipping fee in the next time will be responsible by customer. Details as the term of the warranty.

** We reserve the right to change price, without notice
***Premium products bay be changed as appropriate


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